Redbacks® Pocket Knee Pads



Redbacks Pocket Knee Pads fit into pocketed work trousers and feature patented technology; a system that uses a leaf spring within a honeycomb matrix to absorb and distribute weight. This technology disperses pressure away from the body to provide unrivalled comfort and protection.

• Fits pocketed work trousers

• Leaf spring technology

• Reduces point pressure & distributes weight away from the knee

• 100% continuous support

• 100% recyclable pad

• Each knee pad can support up to 450kg

• Waterproof and machine washable

• Can be left in work trousers for washing

• Thermal protection from hot and cold surfaces

• 16mm penetration protection

• Curved to fit around the knee

• Patented worldwide

Packaging: 2 Kneepads per box


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