Redbacks® Kneeler Pad



The Redbacks® Kneeler contains Redbacks®’ multi-springed cushioning technology; a system that uses a leaf spring within a honeycomb matrix to absorb and distribute weight. This disperses pressure away from the body to provide unrivalled comfort and protection and is contained within the Kneeler base unit. Due to its flat nature, the Kneeler can provide support to knees from any direction.

• Features Redbacks® patented leaf spring cushioning

• Unrivaled support and comfort for knees in any direction

• Penetration-resistant non-slip base

• Waterproof base

• Scientifically proven to reduce point pressure and distribute weight away from the knee

• Designed for long term use with 100% continuous support

• Thermal protection from warm or cold surfaces

• Fully washable cover and internal pad washable at 30°C

• 100% recyclable pad


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