Technifogger 40 Mobile – Chemical Application Fogging Red

This item is an ex hire unit and has been refurbished. It comes with 3 months parts guarantee



The Technifogger is designed as a highly portable fogger with a non-pressurized tank. By connecting compressed air, the prediluted disinfectant and air are combined, and released into the atmosphere as a fog. Disinfectant is applied thoroughly and evenly, reaching areas often missed by traditional methods. The adjustment valve alters the dry/wetness of the fog. Technifogger does not have any pump, it simply uses air pressure to both lift the fluid and inject the air to create the fog.


  1. Tough non-pressurized tank
  2. Compact and maneuverable, for harder to reach areas
  3. Portable and lightweight, with carry handles
  4. Tough, stable design

Technical Details

Weight Box dimensions Material Tank capacity Compressed air required Air flow input required Fog Output Particle size Room size
12 kg 500 x 450 x 970mm stainless steel / PE 40 Litre 4 – 6 bar 250-300 l/min (Approx) 1 l/min varies from <1 – 100 micron up to 5m ceiling height

NOTE: A full tankful will fog approximately 1,600 cubic metres.


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