Selfreeze Chewing Gum Remover | 12x300ml

This professional, fast-acting & easy to use chewing gum remover freezes & hardens sticky deposits on carpets & hard floors so that it can be easily scraped away.



Selfreeze Chewing Gum Remover 

Selden Selfreez Chewing Gum Remover is a professional, highly effective spray-on chewing gum remover which will freeze and harden sticky chewing gum and other sticky deposits on carpets and hard floors. Selden Chewing Gum Remover will freeze the sticky soiling down to -80ºC so that it can be easily scraped away with a blunt tool.


  • Effective spray-on chewing gum remover
  • Freeze’s sticky soiling for easy removal
  • Pack of 12 300ml Selfreeze Chewing Gum Remover spray cans

How to use Selfreeze Chewing Rum Remover;

  • Use with care – Use the spray at least 15cm away from exposed skin.
  • Prolonged spraying may result in cold injury from the can.
  • Simply spray Selden Selfreez Chewing Gum Remover directly onto the affected surface and scrape away the frozen and hardened soiling with a blunt tool.
  • Repeat if necessary until the sticky soiling is completely removed.


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