eGreen Large Freshening Hand Wipes (Pack of 500)

Contents: 500 Wipes



These large refreshing lemon scented moist hand towels are ideal for cleaning and refreshing hands after eating prawns or ribs or any finger foods. The small size of each packet makes these wipes ideal to be put in your takeaway bags or on your restaurant tables. For any occasion, your customers will always appreciate a cleansing hand towel with a fresh lemon scent.

Product features

  • Dimensions 60(H) x 110(W) x 185(D)mm
  • Weight 50g
  • Ideal for takeaway bags and restaurant tables
  • Handy size packaging
  • Unfolded Wipe Total Size: 185 x 185mm
  • Helps your customers avoid sticky fingers at the table
  • Cleanses and refreshes
  • Pleasant lemon fragrance


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